About Rex Naden

Short Video produced by Barbara Naden.

Rex's passion is landscape photography. He is a teacher at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley. Having spent decades in the semiconductor field, Rex now directs his interest towards Composition: the refinement of great images based on the sum of their elements. His lecture "Defining your Vision" is an introduction to Composition and highlights the characteristics of goodness in a photograph.

Rex is a long-time assistant and protégé of well-known landscape photographer Charles Cramer.  Charles' work may be seen in high-profile locations throughout the world and he is well known as THE teacher for professional fine art photographers. For more information on workshops taught by Charles Cramer and assisted by Rex Naden see Workshops at Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley and Workshops in Silicon Valley.

Rex is also co-teaching a workshop in Star Photography with well-known star expert Rick Whitacre.

Rex has exhibited at the Lumière Gallery in Atlanta, the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, CA, the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA, the Los Gatos Art Museum in Los Gatos, CA, Filoli Gardens in Woodside, CA, Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento, CA, and at Courtside Club in Los Gatos, CA. 

His work is included in the permanent collections at Morgan Stanley brokerage offices in the West, Filoli, The Santa Clara Towers, Enphase Energy, Broadcom Corporation, and Courtside Club.

Rex served for three years as a Trustee and managed Exhibitions at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel .

He spent thirty-five years in the semiconductor industry. He holds fourteen US patents and B.A, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rice University.

Contact: rexrexnaden.com.


Artist's Statement

Nature is a Designer.  She speaks in nuances and gestures but she does not hold back or demur; her intent is compelling; even overwhelming.

What does she mean to convey with her magnificent architecture?  Why is her work speaking to me?  Why am I being instructed?  Shall I presume to understand her purpose with logic?

No. I resolve to put logic and questioning aside.  These are artifacts of man that can only diminish nature’s message.  Instead, I place myself in view of her work.  I capture photographs purely on my emotions.  My prints attempt to interpret her language. 

I offer these images to you as my response to nature’s design imperative.

On Lamarck Col (Sierra crest) at 13,000 feet with 6x7 cm Medium Format Film Camera. On location in Utah with 39 megapixel Medium Format Digital Camera System. Deep in the wilderness in the Utah back country.
Rex on Ridge by Karl Kroeber
In the Paria Wilderness- photo courtesy of my friend Karl Kroeber at www.karlkroeber.com

Method and Philosophy

It is difficult to create a simple natural image as nature is complex and obeys few rules. Nonetheless nature does reveal unifying design elements- the opportunity is to recognize them. My images are based upon such natural design elements, illuminated by dramatic light.

I create large scale images for decorating large spaces. I work with Medium Format camera systems to capture sufficient detail to create large, sharp images- my work is exhibited in sizes up to 44 x 60 inches and the sharpness and detail are such that a "third dimension" is perceived.

Living and working in the wilderness is a religious experience- perhaps you can sense this through my work. The "inconveniences" of making such photographs may be daunting. Often a finished image is the result of days of hiking or climbing, with hours or days of waiting for the right light. Investing in photographic art may be another way to "be there".

My images can be found throughout the Bay Area at Medical office buildings, financial institutions, small and large businesses, health clubs, and private homes. My work is represented commercially by Carol A. Dabb Consultants and Suzy R. Locke and Associates, Art Consultancys.  News update


Evolving Medium-Format Technology

Prior to 2007 my images were captured with a 6x7 cm film camera. The film was Fuji Velvia. The images were scanned to a native dimension of approximately 60 million pixels. Images can be prepared to order from 8.5 x 11 to 40 x 55 inches. Finished images are prepared using archival materials and methods, so that those investing in this fine art can be assured it will retain its luster for many decades. After 2007, images were captured with a 39 million pixel medium format digital camera system; based upon the technical capability of this system, it will produce high-quality prints up to 44 x 60 inches. In 2010 this system was upgraded to 80 million pixels. The images are all printed in-house using the latest 12-ink pigment-based printer which is capable of printing 44-inch paper or canvas rolls.  Also see framing recommendations.

Pricing and Availability

For information contact rexrexnaden.com.