Lecture by Charles Cramer
Interpreting the Image

As part of our 2010 Creative Visions Workshops, the Center for Photographic Art and the ImageMakers of Monterey invite all photographers and students to a lecture by renowned fine-art photographer, Charles Cramer entitled “Interpreting the Image.”  The lecture will be held in a lecture hall adjacent to the historic Center for Photographic Art on Saturday, February 6, 2010.  The Center is at San Carlos and 9th Streets, in lovely Carmel, CA.

Aspen in Fog by Charles Cramer
"Aspen in Fog, Boulder Mountain, Utah" Copyright Charles Cramer. All rights reserved.

“Interpreting a photographic image is dependent on how the human brain processes images,” Cramer says, a master printmaker with rare expertise in dye-transfer and digital printing. His presentation will include illustrations of his personal journey from black & white darkroom prints, through dye-transfer color printing, to his current method of digitally making inkjet prints.

Following in the footsteps of Ansel Adams, who said “the negative is the score and the print is the performance,” Charles will focus on the importance of interpretation in “optimizing” an image, through techniques that make the image reflect more of what is “felt” in exposing a scene.

There is a $10 admission fee for those who are not members of CPA or the ImageMakers. Please consider joining CPA or the ImageMakers to enjoy this lecture and all the other benefits available to members.

An advanced digital projector with color-managed Digh-Definition output will be used.

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