Decorating with Fine Art Photographs

There are many examples of decorating with fine art photograpy. Here I show only a few. Typically, I can assist in your design work by photographing your space, then simulating the effect of various images in that space.  This way you can get a good feeling as to the subject matter of the image, its color palette, and the appropriate size of image. You can also understand the effect of various frame styles.

a. Canvas Wrap Print
b. Wood-Framed Print

c. 35x55 Frameless Print
d. 40x60 Frameless Print
e. Two 40x50 inch Frameless Prints form a Diptych
f. "Built-In" Images; three 40x50 inch Frameless Prints form a Triptych


30x40 canvas print  



30x45 in Frame

a. A 30x40 canvas wrap print is hung over this 3-sided fireplace.  One advantage of this style of framing is that the entire piece is very light in weight and easy to move or remove for cleaning.  The canvas can be cleaned using a damp rag and water (only). My canvas prints can be made up to 50x60 in size. The canvas approach is very low in cost compared to conventional framing. 


b. A 27x45 inch print is framed in an attractive wood frame which is 35x55 inches. The hue of the wood compliments the decor of the room.
35x55 Frameless  

40x60 Frameless

c. A 35x55 inch Frameless print. The look is quite different from that of a conventional frame.  The print stands off the wall thus has an appealing shadow. Frameless prints are coated with a protective coat of UV-protective plastic, providing very long image life. 


d. A 40x60 inch Frameless print with the same scale as the couch below for a bolder look. The print can be cleaned using plain water and a soft microfiber cloth.

2 40X50 Frameless Prints = 50x80

50x120 Triptych

e. Two 40x50 inch Frameless prints arranged as a diptych to match the scale of the 7 1/2 foot three-person sofa.  The individual prints are light weight and easy to move.  The effect is similar to that of a 50x80 image.
f. For large wall coverings, images are printed and applied to either gator board or to DiBond by Alcan.  I recommend DiBond due to its inherent flatness and density.  It comes in 2mm or 3mm widths.  My largest print size is 40x50; the limitation is due to the lamination equipment.  Multiple prints can then be arranged in a matrix and affixed directly to the wall, in a removeable fashion. Here is a triptych.  Quadruple arrangements are also practical.

I'm looking forward to helping with your design process.