Large Books

These large books are all 12 x 12 inch in format, with great color-managed printing on high-quality coated stock.

Smaller soft cover books are also available from Amazon.

Soft-Back Books from Magcloud

I publish large soft-back books on Magcloud. These books lie flat because of their wire-o binding. Magcloud books are moderate in cost and retain high print quality.

Each book is available either as a physical volume or as a digital download for viewing on your computer and devices.

Hard-Back Books from Blurb

I'm also offering large hard-back versions on Blurb. Hard-back books are more durable than soft-back versions and are suitable for placing in your your reception area at work or on your coffee table at home.

Titles from Magcloud and/or Blurb

Abstracts is a 68-page book with selected abstract images from worldwide locations. Soft and hard back available.
California is a 68-page book with images from my California, including the coastal hills, Pacific Coast, Death Valley, Yosemite, and the High Sierra. Soft and hard back available.
Portfolio 2013 is a 66-page compendium with 64 of my favorite works. Locations include Yosemite, The Southwest, the Pacific Coast, Southern Africa, and New Zealand. Soft back only.
Serenity is a 66-page volume with images full of life and health, intended for health care facilities; from Yosemite, California, the pacific coast, and other locations. Soft and hard back available.
My images from a 2014 river expedition are presented in Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, only available in soft back.
The Southwest is a 68-page book with images from my favorite desert locales, including Utah, Arizona, and Death Valley, CA. Soft and hard back available.
The Landscape is a massive 240-page compendium of almost all my best work and is only available in hard-back.