Fine Prints

Simulating your Space with Prints

Occasionally a client will ask me to help envision how a print would appear in their space. Given a snapshot of the target space, I am happy to develop a simulation for this purpose free of charge.

Example simulation for office tower installation in Santa Clara.

Alternatively, there are websites that support this kind of simulation on your browser. The best one, at, is easy to use and it's free.

Example free simulation courtesy of

First, find the photo(s) you like on my site, and save the photos to your computer via right-clicking each photo in your browser and follow instructions to save it on your desktop. Then open a second browser window from, and simply drag a photo's file from your desktop to that second window. The photo appears in the simulation, with small blue handles. Then the image can be resized and moved around.

Another free simulated room from

And...instead of using their canned rooms as shown here, you can upload a snapshot of your own room instead.