Teaching Experience

Printing for the Fine Art Photographer

I engaged with master photographer Charles Cramer as his workshop teaching assistant at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley.

Liquide, taken during a Yosemite workshop, May 2009

Later our collaboration expanded to include Silicon Valley workshops. We taught 65 workshops over ten years with over 400 graduates. The Yosemite workshops were five-day events and those in Silicon Valley were three-day events.

Over the years I learned a lot! Charles was my most important teacher. And I learned from my students too- their ideas took me to many new areas of photography and life. I made a number of new friends too!

Upon retirement from teaching I published a large-format commemorative book of selected student photos.

Star Workshops

Dark Matter, Death Valley, 2013

I taught three astro-landscape photo photo workshops with a guru of night sky photography, Rick Whitacre. This photography has a new set of challenges for me- physical, craft, and technical. But the reward is that shooting at night can make an otherwise overlooked location into something new and exciting!